Milkflow – Milk Pump Controller for Dairy Sheds

The CSL Milkflow Milk Pump Controller helps maintain milk quality to the vat by reducing milk solids damage and improving primary cooling.

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Key Features of the Milkflow Milk Pump Controller:

  • Separate milk and wash programs
  • System programmable to operate all milk pump types
  • Suitable for all size of receiving cans and plant types
  • Automatic output pressure sensor-less control
  • Automatic detection and control of seasonal froth
  • IP66 waterproof enclosure as standard
  • Available in Single and Three Phase inputs
  • Manual pump-out switch to clear receiving can
  • Inbuilt Radio Frequency Harmonics Suppression and Power Spike Filters
  • All CSL Controllers are C-Tick Compliant and First Environment Compatible
  • Controls built-in for: Flushing pulsator/air injectors
  • Jetter shut off valve
  • Electric wash valve
  • Sweep valve
  • Cooler Pump or Water Solenoid
  • Second Milk Pump to boost wash
  • Flood detection to bring in boost pump

Additional CSL Milkflow options include:

  • Retrofit kits to replace or upgrade existing or new pumps
  • Single Speed “ON/OFF Type” Level Controllers with or without delay timers
  • VHF wireless options to operate all systems remotely
  • Solar backup for VHF control systems

Controlled pumping means your milk is transported more slowly and gives better contact time through the cooler to improve the primary cooling.  Using the CSL Milkflow generally shows a test improvement (around 4%), due to a reduction in pump shear damage and also avoids loss of washing efficiency with dedicated “MILK” and “WASH” programs.

2015 Milkflow Manual


CSL FC Milkflow – Model: Instructions and Installer Manual 2015

2007 Milkflow Manual


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