Containerised Pump Transfer Stations

CSL can manufacture fully automated Mobile Pump Transfer Stations inside shipping containers for many bulk milk transfer applications.

  • The system revolves around a Danfoss variable speed drive in conjunction with high flow lobe pumps, this system with a special sensorless pump control program designed by CSL to limit damage to the milk while maintaining the maximum flow for quick emptying and filling of tankers and contractors tanks.
  • The system seamlessly switches from silo to the tanker to the contractor during operation so one process does not have to be stopped if a new truck arrives for example increasing throughput of the site and minimise waiting for drivers and increasing productivity.
  • Available in two pump and four pump versions single and dual silo embedded control hutch and servicing gantry to lifting out pumps and valves for repair and servicing of heavy components.
  • Remote logging and control and reporting features enable remote programming, remote diagnostics and overview backed up with 24-hour phone support from CSL