Solar Power Systems and Solar Pumps

Corkill system can spec supply and install solar components for use in off-grid, hybrid and grid Tie applications.

We can also spec and supply Solar Water pump kits for installations in remote locations where it would be cost-prohibitive to install mains. We can custom design each system specifically to suit your requirements and can supply backup generators for off-grid applications.

  • The off-grid solar power system is 100% power independent, You are not connected to the mains power supply at all as you generate your own electricity.
  • hybrid grid-tie uses the mains power to run the larger loads in the house, whilst supplementing with solar-produced electricity during the day.
  • Grid-tie uses the mains grid power and supplements it with solar energy produced power during the day.
  • As with constant changes and advances in technology in the Solar power field there, we work closely with Able solar to provide you with up to date products with the best reliability, performance, and return on investment.