eBOS Home Automation

In previous times Corkill systems were an authorised eBOS installer and have several sites that we installed some 15-20 years ago, many of the installers have closed up shop retired except Corkill systems. Fortunately, Corkill systems has spares for most components and can do programming repair and maintenance on these systems and has contact with the original developers of the system.
eBOS Home Automation installers and repairs

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  • eBOS home automation systems were relatively advanced when they became popular in New Zealand residences some 12-15 years ago. Since then, however, a strategic takeover of smart wires by PDL and PDL by Snider electric was done to get the then technology to implement it into the C-Bus system by snider electric.
  • In the event that your eBOS system would be non-repairable without extensive reprogramming or hardware, we can help in the progress to get it replaced with C-Bus. Such a conversion is not for the faint of heart because the differences in the hardware and it is very handy if the system is still somewhat operable that we could retrieve your program and circuit layouts to ease the migration to C-bus