Hygienic Float Stems for Liquid Level Control

CSL manufactures a range of standard hygienic float stems for use in liquid level detection and also offers custom or one of stems for special jobs.

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  • The leads, stems switch positions can all be customised to suit special or custom applications.
  • All hygienic float stems are manufactured using high-quality Reed Switches and are permanently sealed in the stem with expanding foam with no chance of corrosion and water ingress into the stem causing premature failure.
  • The shafts are recyclable in the event of a failure we can drill them out and repair them
  • The standard hygienic float stems we carry suitable for connection to CSL Milkflow controllers come in froth and stainless steel floats are available to be in the following lengths and are identified by the colour of the heat-shrink on the top denoting the configuration of the internal switches:
  • Long 480mm
  • Medium 400mm
  • Short 280mm
  • Green top – Varispeed
  • Black top – Single speed
  • Red top – FCM and Varispeed