HosePro is an exciting innovation developed in early 2012 by Corkill Systems Limited in Opunake.

The HosePro is a hose support system designed to enable operators to move heavy or cumbersome flexible hoses effortlessly to save back injuries and remove tripping hazards. The support system also levels the hose to allow for better priming to reduce pumping problems at startup.

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  • The HosePro links are made of stainless steel to suit high corrosive or hygienic environments and clip together to make up any longer. The strapping of the hose to the HosePro links locks the links together to make a flexible single-unit easily handled by physically challenged operators.
  • Currently, two sizes to suit up to 150mm hoses are manufactured and offered according to applications. There are “Up” and “Down” links available to move the hose off the horizontal plane if required plus “Floor” and “Pillar” mounts and also “End” links. The larger and small HosePros can also be used in combinations.
  • We see the system as important for many industries including farm dairies (particularly rotaries) to assist operators in handling larger hoses used in the work areas. These hoses can be a major trip hazard in an environment where there are often slippery floors. Please see sample photos below, it is envisaged that these supports could also be used for the overhead hoses or cables often present in industrial workshops.
  • The HosePro was originally designed for the tanker reception bays at Fonterra’s Reporoa factory where there were problems lifting and connecting the long hoses to tankers and also achieving pump prime due to the down loops in the hose. The prototype was trialed in one of the tanker reception bays at this factory in 2012 (see photo’s above), the operators were delighted with it and requested enough links to complete all four bays. HosePros are now being used on eight Fonterra sites and counting.
  • Smaller overhead support systems would be very useful for air hoses, teat sprayer hoses or welding leads in many different environments, CSL can modify and custom build to suit any situation.
  • A Trademark has been registered for the HosePro name and a Provisional Patent has been applied for with IPONZ.
  • Steve Corkill is the inventor of the well-known Milkflow® milk pump controller and Varivac® vacuum pump control systems for Dairy sheds. Both products were world firsts.