Rotary Turntable Platform Control System

CSL Manufactures standalone universal rotary turntable platform drive control modules, consoles, and accessories that are designed to retrofit/ upgrade to any existing or new rotary milking shed.

  • Designed with ease of installation in mind supporting an array of safety features to meet the OSH platform safety guidelines.
  • The platform drive modules are available in relay and plc configuration with individual overloads for each motor.
  • Simple low voltage number by number interconnection between the console(s) and PDCM simplifying installation.
  • Variable Speed with Direct-On-Line (DOL) bypass.
  • The consoles come in many variants in wall mount, pedestal format with flange or concrete in foot with an imbedded console heater.
  • We also have pull cord emergency stop pull cord kits to run around the platform with all the hardware to retrofit on to a new or existing shed.