Milk Lobe Pump

The CSL rotary milk lobe pump is the first of its type internationally to be specifically designed and manufactured for dairy plants.

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Combined with the CSL Milkflow Controller, it’s the answer to the long-standing problems of compromising damage to milk solids in order to accommodate the large wash volumes required in today’s dairy plants.

For instance, it is well documented that the centrifugal pumps commonly used in larger dairies can damage milk up to 7%, this equates to over $40,000 in lost income on a farm doing 100,000 milk solids. Positive displacement pumps minimise damage to the milk but, to-date, the only pump of this type available at a reasonable cost has been the flexible impeller type. These pumps often struggle with washing and unfortunately, the rubber impellers often need replacing which can be a major frustration for farmers.

We offer four sizes to cater for plants from 12 up to 80 bails. Pump covers available on request.

Four milk lobe pump sizes suitable for all dairy sheds

  • Model CSL-DL1.1 – up to 20 clusters
  • Model CSL-DL1.5 – up to 36 clusters
  • Model CSL-DL2.2 – up to 50 clusters
  • Model CSL-DL4 – Over 50 clusters

Lobe Milk Pump Manual


Rotary Lobe Milk Pump: Instructions and Installers Manual